The International Chapter is a meeting of the Pilgrims which takes place, annually, at Pentecost. It is a weekend of workshops, discussions, worship, walks – exploring a theme in a variety of ways. St Francis himself introduced the idea of holding Chapters at Pentecost when he spoke of the rules by which they should live and the importance of travelling throughout Europe. So it is fitting that that custom should continue and now, each Pentecost, at a gathering of Pilgrims of St Francis, a new annual theme is introduced – this year 2024/25- “What would Francis say to us today?”

The International Chapter in 2024 will be at the Jugendhof Pallotti – Lennestadt, Germany

from Saturday May 18 – Monday 20, 2024

How to get there?

Don’t forget to bring

  • bottom sheet – duvet cover, pillowcase or sleeping bag plus bottom sheet
  • slippers or house shoes
  • musical instrument (if possible)
  • ball, frisbee etc.

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